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Uveitis and Ocular Inflammatory Disease

Uveitis is a subspecialty of ophthalmology that diagnoses and treats inflammation in the eye. Ocular inflammation can have many causes: sometimes the uveitis is caused by infection, in other patients it is associated with an autoimmune disease affecting the rest of the body, and most often it is isolated to the eyes only.

Depending on which part of the eye is affected, there can be different names for the inflammatory process. For example – scleritis is inflammation of the wall of the eye, myositis is inflammation of the muscles around the eye, and chorioretinitis is inflammation of the back of the eye.

Your fellowship-trained uveitis specialist will determine what testing and bloodwork is required to diagnose the specific type of uveitis. They will then discuss the appropriate treatment options with you based on the results of the testing and type of inflammation. The treatment approach depends on the underlying cause, the severity of the disease, and which part of the eye is affected as well as the individual patient’s overall health. Your uveitis specialist is well-versed in the most current, evidence-based treatment recommendations and will discuss appropriate treatment options after a full assessment.

If you are a new patient coming to see one of our uveitis specialists, please try to bring all your records from previous ophthalmologists and / or any blood work that may have been done for your uveitis.