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Ophthalmic Imaging

Ophthalmic imaging is a valuable tool for diagnostic testing and documentation of pathological changes in the eye. These images quickly provide data that aid physicians and others involved in the treatment process.

In cases of retinal or choroidal disorders, and in some neuro-oprrthalmology cases, fluorescien angiography provides the most critical information the physician needs to determine the diagnosis. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT-a scanning laser procedure) provides documentation of the presence of fluid in the retina, verifying efficacy of treatment. OCT also records retinal nerve fiber density for tracking the course of glaucoma.

The photography service at the Cizik Eye Clinic also provides fundus photography, which records digital images of the retina; slit-lamp photography, which offers images of the cornea, iris, and lens; and external photography to record unbalanced muscles, malpositioned eyelids, traumatic injuries, and configuration of orbits.