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Did you know that we use almost half of our brains for vision-related activities, including sight and moving the eyes?

Neuro-ophthalmologists are experts in the evaluation and treatment of patients with vision problems related to the nervous system. Neuro-ophthalmologists complete at least 5 years of clinical training after medical school and are usually board certified in Neurology, Ophthalmology, or both.

They work in collaboration with neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and other specialists to provide the best care to patients with neuro-ophthalmic diseases including visual disturbances, eye movement, eyelid, and pupillary disturbances arising from optic neuritis, ischemic optic neuropathy, pseudo tumor cerebri, central nervous system tumors and strokes, trauma, cranial nerve palsies causing double vision, myasthenia gravis and thyroid-related eye disease. They often see patients with problems that have not been solved elsewhere, taking time to find out what is going on so that they can help patients understand their sometimes complicated conditions so they clearly understand them.

A complete neuro-ophthalmic evaluation often requires in-clinic testing as well as a thorough review of medical records and patient interview followed by a comprehensive eye examination, which can be time consuming. Please have all of your records sent to the neuro-ophthalmologist prior to your appointment if possible, and allow 3-4 hours for your first visit.